Papilio demoleus malayanus (Lime Butterfly)
The Lime ButterflyThe Lime Butterfly is a common butterfly in Singapore, and can be found as often around urban areas as well as parks, gardens and on the fringes of the nature areas.  Anywhere there is a Lime Bush (Citrus), it is quite likely that one can find this butterfly near by.
The common Lime or Kalamansi is cultivated by many Singaporeans as a garnish to the local cuisine.  The plant can therefore be found in many gardens and apartments.  Where pesticides are not used, it is quite likely that the Lime Butterfly will lay her eggs on the Citrus plant.  The Lime Butterfly
The butterfly is black with large yellow markings on the uppersides.  The underside is predominantly yellow with black markings.
Eggs are laid singly on the Citrus leaves and the young larvae resemble bird's droppings.  At the later instars, the larvae become green.  The pupa resembles that of the Common and Great Mormons and is attached upright and supported with a silken girdle.
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